Direct Marketing

Talking to your customers with relevancy, by means of creating a virtuous cycle that is measured will increase your customer engagement and loyalty as well as marketing and sales performance. The beauty of direct marketing is its measurable in near real-time. Utilizing a testing approach, tactics will be recommended based on using contact strategies to achieve your goals and objectives.

W Marketing Services will create a custom plan to optimize your business strategy. Sample components:

  • Direct Mail – Direct mail uses a targeted marketing approach to reach customers in a mass fashion based on demographics, geography and the data points that consist of your target audience. Direct mail is an effective medium to be able to measure results and ROI.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing allows you to reach a wide audience in a short period of time allowing recipients to immediately act on your message. As a cost-effective medium, email allows links to be embedded in messages, which drives traffic to your website.
  • DRTV – Whether you want to drive sales, push customers to the web or generate leads, DRTV helps achieve this goal as part of an overall campaign. DRTV also has mass appeal as part of your lead generation campaign allowing you to target the media buy based on your target audience profile.