Twitter for your Business

Social media is one of the best methods today of improving your branding and increasing your business. Twitter, one of the big three in social media today, is among the most commonly used social media sites by businesses as well as by personal users.

Aside from being an interesting and fun way to engage your readers,Twitter is a wonderful method of building your business. When someone follows you using your Twitter account, they will be able to see your tweets and comments, but also to be able to interact with you and to provide some content or comments that are of  real value to your business.

The statistics tell us that more than seventy percent of followers will follow or retweet your content if they like what you are posting. To lay it out in dollars and cents, more than sixty percent of Twitter users who follow a business have bought a product because of something that they saw on Twitter.

In order to use Twitter correctly and to facilitate the growth of your business using Twitter, there are certain things that you can do that will serve you and your business well. Here are a few tips that will facilitate your use of Twitter.

  • Make sure that you add a follow button to your website. That will help to create awareness of your Twitter page and also help to brand your business. It will also make it far easier to allow companies or people to add your Twitter account to those that they follow.
  • Use your @name on other arenas aside from Twitter. Add the @twitter name on places such as Facebook, your blog and other content that you put out around the internet to allow people to find and to follow your Twitter account.
  • Give people cues everywhere about how to find your Twitter account by integrating it with multiple accounts such as Facebook so that content shared on Facebook will also be shared to Twitter.
  • Make it a point to be consistent in your Tweets and make sure that your company is consistently visible. Using your Twitter account once a month or less probably isn’t going to help you to become more visible or to brand you as a company or entrepreneur that your Twitter followers really trust.
  • Use hashtags consistently across all of your social media areas. You will find that once you do, the hashtags being searchable will assist you in being more visible in Twitter as well.

Social media can brand your company and also help you to gain the visibility that you need to keep your business growing. Twitter is among the most popular and the most necessary of the social media sites that you need to be using whether you are a sole entrepreneur or a multi-million dollar business.